What can I book at LAUFT workspace?
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What is the price of a booking at a LAUFT workspace?

I want to know the price of what I can book at a LAUFT workspace.


What are the different services that can be booked at LAUFT?

LAUFT offers on demand bookings of:

  • SmartDesk (Designed for one individual) - $5/hr
  • SmartSingle (Designed for one with privacy) - $15/hr
  • SmartOffice (Designed for a capacity of 1-3) - $25/hr
  • SmartWorkroom (Designed for a capacity of 1-6) - $35/hr
  • SmartBoardroom (Designed for a capacity of 15+) - $100/hr

Book the work tools and services you need up to 1 year in advance. aka a recurring weekly or monthly Session so you always have a workspace ready when you need it.