How do I manage my company wallet?
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Learn how to manage your company wallet.

Login to the LAUFT Dashboard to manage your wallet.

How do I manage my company wallet?

You can load your company wallet in a few easy steps. 

  1. Select "Settings" on the top menu bar
    2. Navigate to the Payments tab in the Dashboard 
  2. Click “+ Add New Payment Method” and fill in your email, card number, expiration date, CVC, name on card, country or region and postal code.
  3. Hit the “Save Card” button. The card that was just added should now be visible in “Payments” page

How to Load a wallet

1. Click on wallet dropdown in top menu bar

2. Ensure the correct last 4 digits of your desired credit card is being displayed

3. Select your desired load amount 

4. Click "Add Funds"

5. Your balance should reflect new funds immediately

Congratulations! Your account is secured and your wallet is loaded. Now you can begin assigning monthly spending allowances to your team. 

ETF/Wire Transfer

Don't have a company credit card? Use an ETF or Wire transfer to pre-load your company wallet with funds. Once we receive your transfer, your balance will be automatically updated in the Dashboard. 

Contact to use ETF or Wire transfer to load your company wallet.