How do I set monthly allowances for my team members?
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  3. How do I set monthly allowances for my team members?

Learn how to create monthly allowances for your team.

You can set monthly individual allowances for each user with unique spending profiles in a few easy steps.

How do I set monthly allowances for my team members?

As an administrator of your account, you can visit and login with your username and password. 

Once logged in, create and assign monthly allowances in three easy steps: 

1. Click on "Users" on the top menu bar 

2. Select “Departments” on the dropdown menu.  

3. Click on “+ New Spending Profile” and enter the monthly limit you would like to set.

How to apply monthly limit for each user
  1. Once you have created your Spending Profiles, go into the “Users” . Select the appropriate user that you would like to apply the appropriate budget and change their “Personal Spending Profile” with the dropdown.
  2. Once the monthly allowance (Spending Profile) is assigned to a user, they will only be able to use that amount each month. Their balance will reset at the beginning of each month. 

Additional Information: 

To determine how much to assign to each user, we have a few tips:

  1. Data suggests that the average worker performs 15 hours of focused work each week. 
  2. The SmartDesk is designed for one worker and costs $5/hr. 
  3. To provide 15 hours a week of workspace time, the budget $75 + 13% HST for each user = $84.75 
  4. That works out to roughly $370 per month, so a $400 monthly allowance would cover this user.

If you want your team to be able to book a more expensive workstations such as the SmartOffice, SmartWorkroom, or SmartBoardroom, consider allocating a bigger budget or putting them on an Unlimited Spending Profile.

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